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About Page Copy

  • People want to know what you and your site can do for them - give a benefit driven headline. (ironically your 'about page' is more about them than you)
  • People click on your About page to learn how your site can help them - you must reassure your readers they’re in the right place. To do that, tell them exactly what your site will give them, and what it will do for them. (This section shouldn’t be any longer than 2-3 paragraphs.)
  • Adding a couple of testimonials, and other pieces of reassurance (e.g. qulifications) will help your readers realise they’re in the right place. [Warning: don’t make this up if you don’t have it]
  • Now is the time to share your personal story, remember, people are there to learn about you and what you can do for them. Strike common ground with your audience (it's still about them even though you're now talking about you)
  • Tell your readers what to do next! Yes, even your About Page needs a call to action. Sign up for your newsletter/blog? Join your facebook group? Visit your service or product page?
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