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Peppermint Recruitment

UK Recruitment start-up Peppermint Recruitment needed to be online quickly with an effective design and a rock solid foundation to enable them to expand their website as the company grew. This website features a striking minimalistic design and sound foundation to add a plethora of future features to the site. Further works included logo design [...]

Her name is Mya-Lecia. She is 9. She's starred along side Tom Hanks and Halle Berry on Cloud Atlas and starring in the Disney Channel show Tatti's Hotel. The design reflects the personality of Mya and a particularly nice little feature is the multi-coloured headlines curtsey of Dave Rupert's Lettering.js

A customized homepage built with the well-reputed Marketers Delight 3 Skin by Features to this page include full responsive customisation (notably the Feature Strap and Poplar Post Thumbnails) and a custom Thesis 2 box allowing easy user set up of the Popular Post Thumbnails.

Freddie Diaries

Built on Thesis 2 takes advantage of Thesis' image output options. Features of ten site includes a mobile optimised layout and a jQuery overlay on the homescreen images.

A responsive landing page design with a customised back-end enabling the easy use of custom fields to produce a variety of dynamic webpages.


A small landing website for a charity single release.


A personal project by our very own Richard Barratt to list all available skins, boxes, tutorials and packages available for the Thesis 2.x Framework for Wordpress.