Are they in US or UK English?
They come in both flavours/flavors.

What’s the turnaround time?
Since there are all done by hand, we say to give us up to 4 working days. Typically, however, you can expect to have your packs in 1–2 working days

What Social Media Channels are they sized for?
Each Social Media Channel display and crop their post images in slightly different dimensions — we have this covered for you by having all of the necessary information in the central ‘safe zone’ so you can use them on any Social Media Channel with great results.

What about Pinterest?
Yes, your Quote Cards will work here too. However, we have been asked to produce a ‘skyscraper’ version of our Quote Cards specifically for Pinterest — we’re happy to say these are now available as a low-cost upgrade.

Are they optimised for my website?
Yes, all images have been ‘smushed’, in other words, they have been compressed in weight (Mb) without any loss in quality.

How are my Social Media Quote Cards delivered?
We’ll email you with a download link to them.

What if I have any pre-purchase questions or special requests.
Just give us a holler – we are always happy to help. 🙂