When it comes to branding consistency is key — our Social Media Design service ensures all your social media profile pictures, cover images, and in-stream promotional posts look like the “Bee’s Knees.”

With millions upon millions living their lives through social media these days, the chances are, their first encounter with you or your company will be through social media (and this is a great thing for you).

There is a kicker to this though, because we all know what they say about First Impressions!

[icon type=”help_dark”] What if your branding is not up to scratch on Facebook or Twitter?

[icon type=”help_dark”] Is your existing artwork optimised to display on all devices?

[reveal text=”reveal more about his common problem”]One biggest issues with existing (and all-to-often, even professional) Social Media artwork is, it is created on a desktop device with no thought to how it will appear on a mobile device such as an iPhone.
So guess what type of device is used to browse more than half of all Social Media content? Yup, you guessed it – a mobile device)

Naturally, our Social Media Design bundles are created to fit perfectly into their surroundings and will look lovely whether someone is engaging with your page on a phone, a laptop or a huge shiny monitor.[/reveal]


Our Design packages are perfect for anyone or any business — they range from a one-off Profile + Cover Image bundle right through to monthly (even weekly) promotional artwork with one of our cost-saving retainer packages — you can find a pricing table the end of this page.

All packages include consultation and a round of revisions as standard.

To arrange your social media artwork, get in touch using the form below.

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Design Menu*

  • Profile Image £35
  • Cover Image £60
  • Profile and Cover Image £70


  • Profile and Cover Image Bundle x 3 £150
  • Per additional channel £35

* a surcharge may apply for complex artwork. We will advise you off this well before you give us the go-ahead

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