So, what’s under the hood of your brand new website?

It varies from project to project – but it is safe to say 99% of our projects all feature the following…

RWD [Responsive Web Design]

Our ‘mobile-first’ design approach means your website will look great – no matter what device it is being view on.

This method of web design also means we pay particular attention to the weight of each page. We keep it light for mobile devices by saving the non-essential bells and whistles for desktop viewing.

This keeps your users and the almighty Google happy.

Did you know Google now penalises your search ranking position if your site is not mobile friendly?

If it’s not – you’ll want to get a redesign going sooner rather than later. Why not get in touch? If you don’t know whether your site is mobile friendly or not – here’s a dead simple way to test.


All our sites marked up in the latest HTML5.

HTML5 gives us cleaner and meaner code making your site more accessible and easier to navigate.

It also includes more built in features that makes browsing your site easier for your users. And being easier means it will convert better and be more profitable.

CSS is how we add the colors and styles to your website.

This latest version [3] gives us a whole new box of tools to make your website a happy experience for your user.

These include a whole bunch of tools that allows us to design with code rather than images. A simple of example of this would be the curved corners you see on this button.

Designing with code as opposed to having you upload images keeps your site loading faster. This means a happier user and a happier Google.

CSS3 also gives us animation, smooth transition effects and all the all important ‘media-query’. Media Queries make it possible for us to optimise how your website is presented across a host of different devices.

Social Media Toolsuite

Social Media is an essential tool in today’s digital marketing landscape.

The trouble is, integrating it is cumbersome and often bloats and slows down your website. Where DNA is different is – we don’t add Social Media functionality to your website – it’s there from the beginning.

This makes your website work as one unit and gives you an easy way to display your content across different Social Media channels.

It even gives you finite control on how to display a single tweet such as this one… Trust us; this is huge (we don’t see anyone else doing this right now).

Email Sign up Boxes

Almost without exception, one of the most important jobs for your website to do is to collect the email addresses of your users.

Fortunately, there are great apps out there to manage your emails such as mailchimp and placing their signup forms on your website is strait-forward enough.

But placing these forms in the best position to convert, and to having the option of there being more than one on a page is a different story!

Not with us on your side! 🙂

We make it dead simple for you to add as sign-up form anywhere on your page. For example, to add this one all we needed to add in our editor was…

[optin headline="Signup for free tips on how to build a profitable website"]

Signup for free tips on how to build a profitable website

Moreover, this will work for any email management program. Mailchimp, Aweber, GetResponse, you name it, it will handle it.


Testimonials hare a tried and tested dead cert to make your users more likely to do business with you.

Our systems makes them dead easy for you to collate and categorise. It is also super-simple to display them on your site in a consitant and attractive manner.

For example, let’s say you wanted to display a random testimonial after this paragraph. You need to do is it to add the following into your editor. [testimonial]

Richer Image have been invaluable to our success. They our website is much more than just a brochure – it’s the primary tool we use to sell houses, and only does it make us money – it also saves us thousands in costs each year.

Dean Chudasama Damson Homes

Easy eh? 🙂

Embedding Videos

Video now plays a key role in web design and keeping users on your site.

Placing it in your website and having it display elegantly across mobiles, tables and desktops has always been tricky though.

Our DNA system handles all this for you – it will adjust the height and width of your video no matter how narrow or wide the screen is. Yes, no more nasty black-bars – just a perfectly displayed video.

Powerful, Integrated Plugins

Further to these features, our DNA systems ships with a bundle popular tools all built in. These include…

  • A Responsive Slider
  • Tabs
  • Responsive Navigation System
  • Image Management Systems (this is great for Social Media!)

And before you get worried about ‘code bloat’ – DNA only used the resources it needs. In fact, because DNA works as one entity, DNA is much more optimised than sites using traditional plugins.

Baked in Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

A sure fire way to increase your costs is to need a custom Port Type or Taxonomy for your website – not with DNA!

DNA ships with a number of Custom Post Types and Taxonomies, and you can deploy them with a single click.

Even if you don’t need them from day one, it’s always nice to know your website can scale in the future, quickly and easily.