Our unique mixture of bespoke and semi-bespoke web design services mean we can make your budget a jubilant fellow, not matter how big or small he is.

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Our Semi-Bespoke service is perfect for you if you are in the £500–£2,000 range. With this service, we will build you a custom design made with our ThesisDNA framework for WordPress.

Why’s this so good?..

Because it is like putting a rocket-booster on your budget — and you’ll be amazed at how far it will go!

Here’s how…

Our ThesisDNA is unlike any WordPress Theme; it is a framework pre-loaded with all the functions you’ll need for a killer website.

There are in fact 20+ built-in features and counting — the most notable ones being:

Opt-in Form Manager.

Almost without exception, the single most important thing your website has to do is grow your email list.

We have your back covered here — deploying multiple opt-in forms on a single page is super-easy. Want them as a pop-up or drop-down? You got it!

Fully compatible with Mailchimp, Aweber and Infusionsoft – in fact, any provider which gives you code to paste into your website.

Testimonial Post Types.

Trust is a proven factor when it comes to visitor conversion on your website, and a carefully placed testimonial can do wonders for your ROI. You can also categorise your Testimonials with ease.

Here’s an example for you — let’s say you run a Cafe and want to show a random testimonial praising your lunchtime delivery service, on your lunchtime delivery service page. We got this!

However, conversion is no use without lots of traffic; this is why we include…

Advanced ‘SEO Ready’ Functionality

Our ThesisDNA framework is built to be both mega-friendly for Google to read, and for you as a user. Adding essential title tags, assigning canonical links, even setting up advanced Schema Mark-Up is dead easy.

Head Scripts Editor

Even having the most basic of SEO set-ups often grinds to a halt at Step One since Google wants you to add code in the <head> section of your website. This means getting to grips with File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and code, namely HTML and/or PHP.

Our system gives you direct access to the <head> via the admin panel – adding Google tracking code, verification tags and even Facebook marketing pixels are a simple copy n’ paste job.

Built-in Templates

The most popular website layouts are pre-installed. This means that quite often, we only need some fine-tuning to get your layout spot on.

How does this help you exactly?

It gives us a jump start on your development meaning you can spend your budget on the things that really matter such as; information architecture (IA), user experience (UX), copywriting and design.

Admin Area Heaven

We also understand your website has to be easy and enjoyable for you guys to add content too. We customise the admin section of WordPress for you to accurately reflect how your content will appear on the front end. Further to this, there’ll be custom boxes for that content that doesn’t live in the main content column, and custom help areas to remind you how to add custom text and data.

Performance Optimised.

Traditionally, the issue with WordPress frameworks is code bloat. This makes them slower to load and harder to maintain.

Not so with our ThesisDNA framework. It is built from the ground up with performance in mind. As for code-bloat? We only activate what we need, so your website does not have to carry any extra baggage.

We’re sure you’ll love your experience with us!
So, Let’s Go!…

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Alternatively, check out our build process.

Just like a perfectly tailored suit, our custom website builds are created to be the perfect fit for your business and its goals.

Often this will include integrating custom functionality that is unique to your business — whatever this may be.

It will also mean a high degree of performance optimisation such as responsive images, SVG graphics and progressive enhancement — naturally, all from a mobile-first web-design method.

We will also spend a lot more time helping you configure content, tweaking UI and optimising performance — all ensuring your brand-new website is right where it should be, on the cutting edge.

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Our fully Bespoke service starts from around £2,000 and is ideal for you if you already have a working website and have clearly identified areas which are performing well and areas which need improvement.

Please note: Our Fully Bespoke Service is not recommended for you if your website has not been user tested and undergone a thorough analysis.

Why? Because we firmly believe you can put this money to better use by directing a proportion of your budget toward building your website on our Semi-Bespoke framework and investing the remainder of your allocated budget into areas that will generate traffic and profit — such as content strategy, social media and pay-per-click (PPC) ads, and SEO.

To speak to us more about the pro-and-cons of fully bespoke web design, please choose the ‘Discuss Budget’ option on this form.