How can one waiter earn almost double the amount of tips than a colleague?

Taking out of the equation that they’re equally as pleasant a very successful technique some waiters use is called ‘mirroring’.

Mirroring is a huge subject; one that I can cover in many posts but the waiter technique I’m about to share with you is a great example to kick-off with.

So what’s the secret?  Well it’s very simple, when receiving an order, the successful waiter repeats the order back to the customer in exactly the same way – word for word and even copying pitch and tone (within reason!).

This immediately creates a subconscious ‘bond’ between customer and waiter – we all like people that are similar to us.

It also assures the customer his Meatball Calzone with ‘a little’ extra Chilli – will be just that when it arrives.

So how does this transfer to your business?

Quite simply when, engaging with a customer, use the language they use – if they’re ‘Salt of the Earth’, be common – if they’re ‘Yahoo Henrys’ be posh.

If they use the word ‘Awesome’ a lot, don’t say your product is great, say it’s ‘awesome’.

If they’re the serious type, be serious back – if they laugh and joke, do that too.

What never ceases to amaze me is how even the smallest mannerism, act or use of language can be so overwhelmingly effective using this technique.

I once landed a £30,000 contract because I shared a cigarette with a prospect!  I know this because he told me himself, he said he’d been speaking to agents all day and I was the only one “who had the balls to drop the corporate bull-s**t, and have a chuffer with him!”

Don’t get me wrong, you can’t win business by this technique alone, but it goes a long way to swinging it towards your favour!

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