You’re constantly being told to “tell your story”.

Like all advice from the great and good – it can be a bit of a sweeping statement and not specific enough for it to be of much use to you.

There’s my take on it….

Your story is…

  • How you help your customers
  • Your beginnings
  • Your future
  • Your principals
  • How you approach the challenges facing your industry
  • More importantly – how you approach the challenges facing your customers’ industry
  • How you pay your staff
  • How you answer your phone
  • How you dress
  • Where you play golf – you do play golf don’t you?
  • Your logo
  • Your website
  • Your shop sign
  • etc

In short, your story encompasses everything about you and your business.

The purpose of your story is to make people want to do business with you because by telling your story you break down the walls that divide you from your customers.

Nobody likes fumbling around in the dark (well, there is one exception) because we all want to see what we’re about to get into.  If a potential customer knows your story more than your competitors story then they’re going to deal with you – and not with the other guy!

In closing let me say this to you…

You cannot tell your story too many times.

Keep on drumming, keep on singing and keep on winning.

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