What’s your story Morning Glory? Well?

You’re constantly being told to “tell your story”. Like all advice from the great and good – it can be a bit of a sweeping statement and not specific enough for it to be of much use to you. There’s my take on it…. Your story is… How you help your customers Your beginnings Your [...]

Marketing and Sales – is there a difference?

Is there a difference between marketing and sales? The answer is very much disputed.  But yes, there is a difference.  Like a pair of identical twins it can be tricky to tell them apart but there is a definite difference. So what is the difference between marketing and sales? To me; marketing is everything that leads [...]

What to do when it's 'Too Good to be True'.

What do you do when you have something truly ground-breaking in your hands? What do you do when you have something that is literally, ‘Too Good to be True”? Take it to market?  Yes – but if it’s ‘Too Good to be True” – the biggest hurdle you have to jump is actually getting people [...]

This Piggyback went to Market

Did you know there is a very easy method for breaking into new markets and making new customers? Even better, this method takes very little time and very little (if any) up-front investment. It’s called ‘Piggybacking’ and in essence it is utilising the resources, systems, contacts, and the sales force of other organisations that operate [...]

Post for profit not for loss

Direct mail is still a useful tool for getting your message out. Not everyone is online (yet) and many people still prefer to see and touch parchment rather than pixels on monitor. But email is free and quick – snail mail isn’t! Get this!  5,000 emails would cost you around £60 to send with a [...]

Hail to the Hairdresser

One of my photographer friends called me yesterday wanting some advice on own how to generate referrals from within his local community. My advice?“Be really nice to your hairdresser!” Think about it.  What other profession has their finger on the pulse of a local community like this? They see around 10 people each day and [...]